DivaQ Server

The DivaQ server is ideal as an entertainment media storage device. A 1T drive can store 12,495 hours of digital music, or 240,000 digital photos, or 750 hours of digital video, or 375 games.


  • No Tools Needed – Just open the hinged door to insert or remove a hard drive.
  • Versatile Hard Drive Compatibility – Supports IDE, SATA-I and SATA-II hard drives.
  • Key Lock – Prevents your data from unauthorized removal
  • Activity LED – Gives you visual status of your hard drive.
  • Sturdy Metal frame with Anti-Vibration System – Provides a safe, rigid protective enclosure for your hard drive.
  • Quiet & Efficient Cooling Fan – Ensures your hard drive does not overheat.
  • Built-in Power Connector – Ready to connect to your home network.
DivaQ Server